You can download this guide to moving as a printable PDF

Packing Materials for Moving

You will need paper to wrap your breakables and fragile goods and heaps of cartons – your local dairy or supermarket should be able to provide you with cartons – or most storage places sell them.  You will also need tape to seal your cartons.

Cartons for Moving

Once you have sealed a carton write on it where it belongs – for example ‘main bedroom’ and also write anything important that you may need i.e. ‘jug’.  Also clearly mark all fragile cartons so they are treated accordingly and nothing heavy is placed on top.

Don’t overload your cartons especially with heavy items.  Books and photo albums etc should be packed into small boxes so they aren’t too heavy to lift.

Plates should be individually wrapped in paper and packed vertically – all glassware and crockery needs to be well wrapped.

Don’t pack your cartons higher than the top as they need to be closed flat on top to enable stacking of one carton on top of another.

Moving Dressing Tables

Clothing and light items can remain in drawers on local moves, however items that are breakable, heavy or likely to leak should packed separately.

Use linen and towels

Extra linen and towels can be used throughout packing. They can be placed in the bottom and the top of cartons to provide extra volume and padding.

Mirrors and pictures that are too large for cartons will be well wrapped in our furniture blankets.

Bundle loose items such as garden tools or brooms together with tape or string.

Don’t pack chemicals

Do not pack toxic, flammable or corrosive items or fluids, these can’t be transported on our vehicles. If you are unsure don’t hesitate to give us a call.

Keep important items with you

Keep your important documents separate in case you need them during the week of your move.

Allow time and be organized

Allow plenty of time to pack, it always takes longer than you think it will. And the more organized you are the less time it will take on the day.

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